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Firearms Training Service

A Remington’s Firearms Training service is provided by High Caliber Training (HCT). HCT has the proven capability to consistently provide exceptionally reviewed training solutions to top tier corporate, law enforcement and other government agencies. They deliver a comprehensive package of experienced, vetted instructors who provide a breadth of expertise and drive for excellence that is unmatched in either the government or private sector. Everything they do is oriented toward winning the fight and saving lives.

HCT  is absolutely committed to sustaining a agencies operational tempo while still providing the finest training experience available. HCT accomplishes this by "custom-building" solutions with their clients to meet their individual requirements. Whether providing a program at the agencies range or one of HCT’s proprietary facilities, HCT's goal is to minimize the client's deployed man hours and travel expenses, maximize the student's learning experience and ensure that the agencies standards are maintained.

HCT accounts for every minute of a student’s time and strives for maximum return on the time invested. They recognize that as adult students, each student has a different learning requirement. HCT’s state-of-the-art multi-media presentation methodologies appeal too many different aspects of these adult learning models while their low student-instructor ratio ensures no student is left behind.

HCT Is absolutely committed to ensuring their client's operational success and to providing client-driven training programs that exceed their client's expectations.

 High Caliber Training

This service is provided by High Caliber Training


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