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Remington Law Enforcement Training DivisionRemington Armorer's School Overview

The Remington Armorer's School started decades ago with a single instructor and courses presented only at the plant in Ilion, N.Y. Today, the school has several full time instructors with many years combined experience. Courses are presented in Ilion, and at requested locations throughout the U.S. Our mission is to train Law Enforcement personnel how to repair and maintain the Remington firearms used by their officers. Courses are limited to law enforcement, government, or military personnel only.

Over the years, our 100% American-made products have evolved to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of the Law Enforcement community. A wide range of accessory options allows the customer to tailor Remington products to their specific needs. Because of the variety of choices available, the department armorer must understand how to repair, maintain, and service these systems.

At these factory sponsored training sessions, students can acquire in-depth training on service, inspection, troubleshooting, repair, factory authorized modification, disassembly, and re-assembly techniques for all Remington law enforcement shotguns and rifles, in short, it's everything they'll need to keep these firearms in peak working order at all times.

We offer a choice of 2 day courses for the Model 870 and/or a 1 day course for the Model 700, Model 7615 or Model 11-87. Training for all the three gun series is presented only in our comprehensive 4 day factory school in New York. While field classes are popular with many agencies for a variety of reasons, they should not be considered a substitute for the factory schools. The 4 day factory school adds a dimension to the course that cannot be equaled in the field, as an example, the Armorer can witness, first-hand, the production methods used in the manufacture of Remington products.

Regardless of the location, after successful completion of the course, which includes practical and written examination, the student will receive a certificate valid for a period of three years.


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