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Field Class Information

Field Class Guidelines:
THE HOST AGENCY IS REQUIRED TO SOLICIT STUDENTS. Remington will aid this process by mailing the yearly schedule to their entire database of potential students, by referring potential students to the host agency and by posting class schedules to the Remington LE website.

Field School Instruction Tuition:

  • Model 870 Class : $475.00 per attendee  (2 days)
  • Model 11-87 Class: $250.00 per attendee  (1 day)
  • Model 700 Class: $250.00 per attendee  (1 day)
  • Model 7615 Class: $250.00 per attendee  (1 day)

Tuition (U.S. Funds Only) payable at least 45 days in advance of the scheduled class unless other arrangements are made with Remington for payment.

Course content includes instruction for the specified models.

The field class registration form must be submitted by each attending student to Remington and a copy sent to the host agency. This ensures the host agency is aware of any and all applicants. International students must submit a registration form to Remington and a copy of thier passport at least 10 weeks before class so a license can be obtained from the State Department.
Class size is limited to 20 students. All classes are to be conducted at the same site except in unique cases, and only with prior approval of the instructor. This course is limited to Law Enforcement, Government, or Military personnel only, unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Remington provides all training aids, printed material, test and evaluation sheets. Tools are provided for the student's use during class. EACH STUDENT MUST BRING A LAW ENFORCEMENT TYPE MODEL 870OR 1187 FOR CLASS INSTRUCTION ON THAT MODEL. IF REGISTERING FOR  a model 700 ACTION WILL BE PROVIDED FOR CLASS INSTRUCTION BY THE INSTRUCTOR.

Each student receives a certificate of training upon successful completion of the course: the certificate is valid for a period of three (3) years. Students must attend the entire 1 or 2 day course.

One complimentary slot is given away to the host agency, per 15 paying students per class--the 16th slot is free to the host agency. Class size is limited to 20 students.

Please send checks to Remington with a copy of the registration form, sales order confirmation, or invoice. Checks should be made out to "Remington Arms Co., Inc." Credit cards or purchase orders may also be used.

Facility Requirements:
Tables or benches to accommodate 20 students. Two students per 6 ft. table is the recommended minimum. (NOTE: Remington is not responsible for damage to the bench tops, therefore, the host should provide cardboard to protect them if needed.)

  Table for the instructor's use.
  PowerPoint projector and screen
  Drawing board or paper easel
  TV and VCR

NOTE: All requests for refunds outside of the 30-day time limit (as outlined in the field class registration form) must be dated and submitted to the instructor along with other tuition.


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