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  Model 870
   870P MAX
   Modular Combat System
   Police Breacher System
  Model 11-87
Honing the leading edge. The ability to adapt to the constantly evolving urban battlefield has become a necessary trait of all government agencies. The Model 870 Modular Combat System (MCS) was built with this fact in mind. Our focus remains building the most solid and dependable tactical weapons available today.

Multiple specialized tactical shotguns in one, the Model 870 MCS is the ultimate choice for virtually any close-range scenario. Modifications are made rapidly without tools thanks to the REM LOC Quick-Change Stock System, truly a revolutionary design for professionals who need to adapt on the fly.

  • Breaching shotgun with 10" barrel with Cylinder choke, pistol grip only, and 4 shell capacity
  • Close -Quarter Combat (CQB) shotgun with 14' barrel and choke tubes, pistol grip stock, and 6 shell capacity
  • Shotgun with 18" barrel and choke tubes, pistol grip stock, and 7 shell capacity
  • Aceessory rail for optics
  • V-Tac MK1 sling included
  • Comes with cleaning rod (also acts as a magazine spring guide when assembling)
  • Two detachable shell carries
  • Choose between a Collapsible Stock or a Fixed stock with Pistol Grip
Barrel Length(s)
Order No.
10", 14" and 18"
† 10" Breacher Shotgun also Available seperately
* Less lethal application shotgun.


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