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  Model 700
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      • 700P LTR TWS
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The Model 700P Light Tactical Rifle (LTR) Tactical Weapon System (TWS) package includes a Mark IV 3.5-10x40mm scope with Duplex™ reticle.  A Harris bipod, a Michaels 1" Quick Adjust™ sling with swivels, a rugged Pelican® hard case, and sample of Remington gun care products to round out the system.  Model 700P LTR TWS, chambered only in .308 Win., features a slimmed down stock to improve portability and reduce weight. The flutes in the 20" LTR not only assist in weight reduction and heat dissipation, but are engineered to enhance barrel rigidity for pinpoint accuracy.


Model Caliber Weight (lbs.) Barrel Length Standard Twist Magazine Capacity Order No.
700P LTR TWS .308 Win. 10½ 20" 12" 4 25635


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