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Remington® Model 870™ Police MAX Delivers Maximum Firepower

Madison, NC – The most widely used law enforcement shotgun is the Model 870 pump action and now Remington is taking performance and firepower to the next level with the Model 870P MAX. Designed with the “maximum” options, this standard Model 870 Police carries the necessary tools for most tactical shotgun applications.

Starting with the Model 870 Police Parkerized 18 ¼-inch barrel shotgun with IC Choke, the 870P MAX features a virtually indestructible, SpeedFeed® IV-s full pistol grip buttstock with 13-inch length of pull (1-inch shorter than standard Model 870 stocks) which provides for ease of handling. For additional comfort when shooting full loads of buckshot and slugs, this Model 870 features the Remington R3™ Recoil Pad, significantly reducing felt recoil allowing for a quicker second shot recovery. And for maximum performance, the 870P MAX has a 2-shot extension tube for a 7-shot total firepower. Outfitted with the Wilson Combat®/Scattergun Ghost Ring rear sight and XS® interchangeable front sight system the user can interchange the front sight with a profile front bead or blade for applicable sight acquisition. Completing the package is the SureFire® Tactical flashlight that is mounted to the fore-end and features momentary and toggle switch ON/OFF application.

For over 185 years, Remington has worked to meet the changing needs of Law Enforcement, Military and Federal agencies. The new Model 870P MAX provides today’s tactical shooter with maximum options and firepower. Please visit our web site at for a complete listing of our LE products.


SpeedFeed® is a registered trademark of SpeedFeed, Inc. Wilson Combat®/Scattergun Ghost Ring is a registered trademark of Wilson Combat. XS® is a registered trademark of XS Sight Systems. SureFire® is a registered trademark of SureFire LLC.


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