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Remington® Offers “The Tightest Tactical Buckshot Load Available

Madison, NC – Building upon the success and popularity of our highly effective Reduced Recoil 8-pellet 00 offering, Remington has unveiled Remington Express® TAC8™ Buckshot. When fired through an improved cylinder choke, this new eight pellet tactical load delivers 30% tighter patterns than conventional loads at buckshot ranges.

The secret behind the extreme performance of the Express® TAC8™ Buckshot is its’ unique proprietary construction. TAC8 loads use 3% antimony lead to minimize pellet deformation. This feature, combined with the precision stacking process within the exclusive Power Piston® wad and polymer buffering, eliminates fliers common to other buckshot loads.

Loaded to a full Express muzzle velocity of 1325 fps, Express® TAC8™ Buckshot performs flawlessly in semi-automatic shotguns providing the perfect duty round that delivers a controlled multi-pellet payload with ideal pellet accountability.

Remington® Tac8 Buckshot

Index # Gauge Shell Length Dram Equiv. # Pellets Shot Size
12BT800 12ga 3¾ (1325 fps) 8 00



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