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Remington introduces the Knoxx Industries line of shotgun stocks to its line of Law Enforcement Shotguns

Madison, NC – Remington continues to provide the law enforcement community with
“Street Proven” law enforcement shotguns that are now equipped with the revolutionary new Knoxx Industries “Recoil Reduction” Spec Ops stock and BreachersGrip. While the introductions will include the “Spec Ops” instantly adjustable length-of-pull stock on 18” or 14”, rifle sight or ghost ring sight shotguns, you can have it on ANY model you want with a 10 gun minimum order. The Knoxx “BreachersGrip,” pistol grip only, will be offered on the 870 MCS receiver with 10” barrel as a BREACHER model.

While we have all seen several attempts at recoil reducing stocks, the Knoxx Spec Ops is the only one worthy enough to be endorsed and put on Remington’s Legendary 870 Police Shotgun. The recoil reduction is truly amazing. It takes full loads down to well below the felt recoil of a reduced recoil load and reduced recoil loads down further yet.

The added feature of the instantly adjustable Length-of-Pull stock provides versatility and flexibility for a law enforcement shotgun. Remington’s objective with the new shotgun build area and new additions is to offer the end user whatever features he needs for his dedicated mission.

Contact your local Remington Law Enforcement products distributor for pricing and availability.

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