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Remington® Announces Premier® AccuTip™ Rifle Ammunition – Unsurpassed Accuracy, Super-Flat Trajectory and Deadly Down-Range Terminal Performance

Madison, NC – Remington Premier AccuTip ammunition features a precision engineered polymer tip bullet that is designed for extreme accuracy; sub minute-of-angle at 100 yards. The polymer tip and secant ogive nose profile produce an extremely high ballistic coefficient that flattens trajectory and preserves down range energy. The copper jacket is specifically constructed, under a proprietary manufacturing process to deliver more controlled expansion and improved weight retention than other tipped hunting bullets.

The Premier AccuTip bullet hits the mark with match grade precision and extremely flat trajectory. These performance characteristics, coupled with the superior down-range energy, make it a perfect choice for medium-size big game such as whitetail, mule deer and antelope.

Remington Premier AccuTip ammunition is offered in most of today’s most popular calibers and grain weights.

Remington® Premier® AccuTip Offerings

Caliber Bullet Weight
243 Winchester 95 grain
260 Remington 120 grain
270 Winchester 130 grain
7mm Remington Magnum 150 grain
30-06 Springfield 150 grain
30-06 Springfield 165 grain
300 Win Mag 180 grain
308 Winchester 165 grain



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