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View The 5.11 Challenge WebsiteClick Here To View the Official Website And Learn More About The 5.11 Challenge

Remington is proud to be a sponsor of the 5.11 Challenge. Our ammunition, our shotguns, our 7615 Patrol Rifle and new this year in the competition, our 700 Police LTR bolt action rifle are all part of the newly designed competition. This is our way of saying “THANK YOU” to the Law Enforcement Community along side of 5.11 Tactical and all the other proud sponsors of this event.

It is an experience of a lifetime, combining fun, excitement, education and a big dose of competition. This year the shotguns and patrol rifles used in the competition will be awarded to random teams at the conclusion of the competition. Remington is also sponsoring one of the grand prizes, an all expensed paid trip to Atlanta for a real NASCAR experience.

The folks at Remington salute you for your dedicated service and are proud to say we appreciate what you do each and everyday! Stay Safe!!!


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